Amelia Lawrence


Hello! I'm Amelia Tatnall Lawrence, a photographer born and raised in Atlanta, currently living in New York City.

To me, photography is an art that requires time, humility, thought and trust. It is an art that lasts beyond yesterday, today and tomorrow. It captures moments of transition and change. It finds the light even where darkness may dwell. It brings order to chaos. And it celebrates courage, confidence and beauty in it’s natural state, in all things and in all places.

NOTABLE places :

British Columbia
Dominican Republic
St. Lucia

NOTABLE Clients :

Mollie Makes Magazine
Aperol for PS
Starbucks for PS
Chambord for PS
Brooklinen for PS
Serta Simmons
Zevia for PS
Corcoran Ota Architecture
+ more

Email me at to get in touch!